Bertha (Breinchen) Spier

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Posted by on August 13, 2008:

Hello, I do have the family history of Breinchen Spier. If you like I could send it to you.

Descendants of Breinchen Spier

1 Breinchen Spier b: 11 Feb 1853 in Schrecksbach Germany d: 17 Apr 1924
.. +Joseph Bergfeld b: 09 Sep 1851 d: 25 Dec 1901
..... 2 Jenny Jendel Bergfeld
..... 2 Therese Telz Bergfeld b: 29 Nov 1878 d: 1942 in Theresienstadt Concentration Camp

Posted by on August 14, 2008:

It would be very nice, if it is possible.
You can send it as a comment - then it will get public - or you can send it to my private mail-address.

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